Panic and Despair

Yesterday was my first visit to the office in 15 months. A bit of a nervous moment and I had to tell myself constantly to stop ‘thinking’, and to just follow the flow!

I got up nice and early preparing everything beforehand so as not to put pressure on myself. Good girl! Then it came time to get dressed and I had decided to put on the lovely emerald green linen dress for a positive first day impression. Yes, good idea Judes.

However ….. I pulled the dress on over my head because I knew I would never be able to get the zip up but the lining rolled up inside and the dress got stuck over the chest area (the boobies!). Performing an acrobatic movement, I wrestled frantically trying get hold of the lining to tug it down. Big beads of sweat started to form and run down my body as I finally managed to get both the dress and the lining sorted.

I was drenched, so I stood in front of the fan, on high speed, to cool down only to see how tight the dress was over the hips and tummy in the mirror. Oh blast, blast, blast, (the polite version of what I actually said) COVID, bloody COVID! 🥵. More sweating!This was not good look, the dress needed to come off and to rather go for my second choice. If I thought getting the dress on was hard, I was to find out how hard it was to get it off!

Since shattering my shoulder, I cannot take a top off by crossing arms, grabbing the hem part and pulling over the head. Nope, I have to grab the back neck of the outfit with my right hand and pull it over my head.

However …. because I had been sweating profusely from panic and all the acrobatic wrestling, the lining of the dress was now stuck to my upper body and wouldn’t budge! So, I have now got the dress up to the boobies and back area with both arms stuck upwards. Relentless tugging and pulling did nothing and with more acrobatic twists, I managed to pull the dress back down with the idea of trying to unzip myself as I heard the zip stitching make a sort of ripping noise.

However … zip got stuck! Cursing like Captain Lee (from Below Deck), I decided to try the over-the-head movement again. This time I got the dress a little higher but I was totally incapacitated with any type of arm movement. My mind started racing, ‘OMG, I’m going to have to cancel going into work, but I can’t walk around here stuck like this all day until someone gets home’ … more sweating! No, it’s going to have to be … THE SCISSORS!!

However … in a last attempt before taking this drastic measure of cutting the dress off (it really is a lovely dress), I decided to push myself and use both arms crossed over and pull. It wasn’t easy and it was a bit painful, but I finally did it! I was free from the green monster but at a cost as I had to shower again, redo my makeup and calm down the humid-hairstyle!

I’m waiting for my post-COVID outfits ordered online last night!😊

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